Blended Working & The Future Of Offices

For nearly half of the UK, working from home has become the norm over recent months. Meetings now mean video calls rather than sitting in a room with other people and having a chat with your colleagues is on Slack and not by the watercooler. Even companies that resisted remote working in the past were […]

Life Sciences Brings Opportunities to Aberdeen

Globally, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought the life sciences sector into sharper focus, as the world waits patiently for a vaccine to be developed to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and currently there are more than 30 vaccines in development across the globe. Growth Opportunities for Real Estate The sector has created significant opportunities for real […]

How To Use Office Space Effectively

The office should be an extension of your company brand – it should reflect who your company is and its unique personality. You also need to focus on how your employees work and engage with each other in the office space. Productivity, employee health and well-being should be key considerations, along with sustainability. Good for […]

What To Expect From A Furnished Office Space

For small businesses, making the move to their own office for the first time can be simultaneously exciting and terrifying. It’s a significant milestone, moving out of the dining room or spare bedroom into a separate space away from home or even moving from the casual set up of a co-working space to the grown-up […]

What Makes a Good Co-working Space?

While working from home has its advantages it’s not for everyone, and many freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers reach the point where they crave the incentive to put on a pair of shoes and leave the house every morning. With the huge growth in co-working spaces, particularly in London and other large cities, it can […]

Aberdeen’s Life Sciences Sector Is Thriving

Home to one of the oldest universities in the UK, and nicknamed the oil and gas capital of Europe, Aberdeen has always been open to learning, ideas and innovation. A Life Sciences History Starting with the Macaulay Institute for Soil Research in 1930, and its successor, the globally renowned James Hutton Institute, the city also […]

How To Improve Your Office Space

The average worker will spend over 3,000 days in the office over the course of their lives and over 5 hours a day sitting at their desks. It’s therefore not surprising that the office environment is such a major influence on productivity and overall workplace wellbeing. Ideally, team members should feel motivated, creative and energised […]

How to Find Workshop Space to Rent

Renting a workshop for your business is a difficult and complicated task, but it can be made easier with a little thought about what exactly you need before you start looking for premises. The two most important factors to take into consideration are the size of workshop space you need and where you want to […]

Who Works In Co-Working Spaces?

Over the last decade, there has been a dramatic growth in the global demand and supply of co-working office space. What first started as a workspace trend in the US has now developed right across the UK, particularly driven by demand in London and the main UK regional office markets. Rapidly Evolving Market Since 2017, […]

How Do We Showcase Office Space During The COVID-19 Lockdown?

In the current lockdown world that we are living in, viewing office space in person is still very much on hold. Yet businesses still need to assess their workspace requirements and potential occupiers need to view office solutions, particularly when they are forward planning and also looking at re-entry into the workplace when the Covid-19 […]