Ten Reasons To Hire Meeting Rooms In Aberdeen

Although the past year has seen our working lives change beyond recognition we can now look forward to some positivity. Learning to work within the parameters of the ‘new normal’ is the challenge that lies ahead. Restrictions look set to be in place for a while yet. However, the show must go on in the business world. One solution to balancing the need for productivity and employee wellbeing is to hire meeting rooms in Aberdeen. Here are ten reasons for doing just that.

Remote Workers Can Meet Again

The situation that we find ourselves in has lasted for a length of time that we never really imagined. Initially, many found working from home a novelty. No commuting meant more free time. However, the insidious creep of work into home life is extremely difficult to control. The realisation of the importance of going to an office to maintain boundaries is now apparent. Half of workers say they are unhappy with the current situation. Even an occasional scheduled in-person meeting can help structure the working week more than one held virtually. Although you may still have functioning office space, hiring a meeting room at Aberdeen Energy and Innovation Parks is a safer option. Rigorous covid compliant systems, such as safety signage and enhanced cleaning measures, are in place.

There Is Space For Social Distancing

Your own office may not have capacity to ensure that workers can maintain social distancing. The Scottish Government stipulate that a 2m distance should be observed where possible. Only if absolutely necessary can it be reduced to no less than 1m; in that instance frequent breaks must be taken. To avoid the financial commitment of permanently obtaining larger office facilities, hiring a meeting room is a flexible option.

Your Office Lease Has Expired

Whilst working from home, your existing office lease may have expired leaving you without premises for colleagues to meet. Again, the flexibility of hiring a meeting room allows you to retain maximum flexibility when it comes to the financial outlay for a new location. Your organisation can then be agile when restrictions are lifted and not tied to a long-term lease unsuitable for your business needs.

There Is Room For Growth

This flexibility is ideal if your business has prospered during the pandemic but you are nervous of making a permanent commitment to larger offices whilst the economic future is uncertain. Although your business model works for now, you can see if adjustments need to be made when lockdown comes to an end in the future.

You Need Space To Work With Temporary Staff

Diversification has been a key word during the global pandemic. Those businesses who have continued to thrive have shown imagination and resilience to spot areas where they can succeed. Staff may have been bought in on a consultancy basis to help develop ideas and strategies. Meeting room facilities at Aberdeen Energy and Innovation Parks are a practical solution to an increase in staff members, whilst reflecting the professionalism of your company.

They Provide A Professional Base If You Don’t Have An Office

Redundancy or furlough has encouraged some individuals to explore their own business ideas. Before that they did not have the resources, be that either time or money, to explore them sufficiently. Forbes discovered that 40% of new start-ups were conceived as furlough provided the opportunity.

Freelancers and sole-traders network to boost business contacts and Aberdeen Energy and Innovation parks have responded to this need by creating their Co-Lab coworking space. Depending on your preferences you can hire a flexible hot desk or one that is all yours for a specified length of time. Packages can be designed for your requirements but use of the modern kitchen facilities and reception services are always included.

These bright, modern spaces instantly give a professional gloss to your venture: with an energetic environment and an Aberdeen address. Newly established collaborating partnerships can hire meeting rooms in the same location and the social element of working in an office can be enjoyed once more. Concentration and focus sharpen up when operating in a business environment and not the home.

Mental Wellbeing Is Given A Boost

A recent survey compiled by Nuffield Health found that a quarter of home-workers felt they were being challenged by loneliness and isolation whilst working apart from their colleagues. The Aberdeen Energy and Innovation Parks are landscaped with areas of plenty of outside space for fresh air and exercise outdoors. The cafés and meeting rooms are bright and airy with a community feel to them. All these elements are conducive to a happy working environment for your people.

A Peaceful Environment Is Needed To Get Work Done

Working from home is sometimes not ideal when there are many distractions pulling you off track and destabilising your focus. Alternatively, if you are fortunate enough to still be working alongside colleagues, there may be elements of your job where peace and quiet are of paramount importance for a successful working day. Hiring a meeting room can provide you with the space to simply get things done with no interruptions. Rural broadband speeds are sometimes a challenge to productivity and a superfast speed is standard at our Parks.

You Need Facilities Located In A Well Connected City

Aberdeen is an energy capital with first class transport links. When travel restrictions start to lift, the city will once more host both national and international business travellers. The Aberdeen Energy and Innovation Parks are only a few minutes from the city centre and provide a flexible and professional location for your meetings. There are still likely to be safely restrictions in place and our procedures ensure maximum safety when meeting associates.

You Can Hold A Post-Lockdown Party!

This has been a challenging time for businesses and the length of lockdown restrictions have been far longer than expected. If you would like to reward your workers’ resilience in the face of a tricky business environment then hiring a meeting room for a celebration would be a lovely, and much appreciated, gesture.