What Is An All-Inclusive Office Space?

In the recent absence of holidays, mention all-inclusive and you would be excused for thinking all-you-can-eat-buffets and cocktails at 10am. However, think again. Here we are talking about all-inclusive office space in Aberdeen. Serviced Offices Are Not New Although there has been a huge buzz recently regarding serviced offices, the concept is not new. The […]

Serviced Offices Aberdeen – Your Questions Answered

Serviced offices are on the rise. Economic uncertainty and changes in the way we all work have triggered a 17% increase in demand over the last five years. Canny Aberdeen business people, looking for flexible ways to grow without committing to huge long-term costs, can move into a serviced office quickly and hit the ground […]

How Do Shared Office Spaces Work?

There is plenty of information out there about shared office spaces. It is difficult to take it all in and choose the route that suits your organisation and workers. Here, we are going to break it down for you: helping you decide which is the best way forward for your business needs. Coworking Spaces For […]

Serviced Office Solutions For Downsizing Businesses

This has been a turbulent time in business history. Many companies have seen downsizing as the only response possible to the recent lockdowns and the accompanying economic crisis. Property development firm Accumulate Capital commissioned an independent survey of five hundred senior decision makers from businesses in the United Kingdom. 73% had the opinion that businesses […]

3 Surprising Benefits Of A Serviced Office

Looking back over your life over the past 18 months, things may have been a bit of a rollercoaster. No matter what profession you might be in you will have surely experienced changes to your work life. It would be hard to say that anyone would like to repeat this period in history but some […]

Why Work In The Bridge Of Don

Hit noughties property programme Location Location Location introduced its viewers to the importance of a perfect site for your home. That concept is as important today as it was then: especially when considering your office location. Serviced offices in Bridge of Don carry the prestigious AB22 and AB23 postcodes. There is good reason for that, […]

Serviced Offices – What To Expect From Your Landlord

You are aware of the positive buzz surrounding serviced offices. You have thought it over and decided it is the perfect solution to your company’s needs. But, how do you know what questions to ask when you are viewing an office facility? Here are some important points to guide you on what you should expect […]

7 Office Space Refurbishment Tips

Being confined to our homes during lockdown saw many of us remodelling our houses to give them a fresh new look. With more of us returning to the office as restrictions lift, perhaps it is time to give your workspace a makeover? It can seem like a huge and costly job so where do you […]

How Green Is Your Office Space?

Although Greenery was the Pantone Colour of the year in 2017, there is nothing last season about green office spaces. A green office, both in terms of being ecologically friendly and in aesthetics, is now extremely desirable. How can you ensure that your office is both kind to the environment and great for your employees’ […]

Supporting The Growth Of Renewable Energy In Aberdeen

The extremely close links between Aberdeen and the energy industry were established as long ago as 1969, when the first oil in UK waters was located in the Montrose oil field, situated just 135 miles east of Aberdeen. It wasn’t until 1975 that the first British oil was brought ashore, but this triggered the start […]