Serviced Offices – The Safe Option

As various parts of the country start to relax their lockdown restrictions, it is clear to see most are enjoying returning to a more ‘normal’ way of life. Whilst controlling the spread of the coronavirus has been our overriding concern over the past year, workers have adapted to new ways of working. Many people have […]

Ten Reasons To Hire Meeting Rooms In Aberdeen

Although the past year has seen our working lives change beyond recognition we can now look forward to some positivity. Learning to work within the parameters of the ‘new normal’ is the challenge that lies ahead. Restrictions look set to be in place for a while yet. However, the show must go on in the […]

Why Find A Small Workshop To Rent In Aberdeen During Lockdown

Business owners have faced considerable challenges during the coronavirus pandemic. ‘Unprecedented times’ are two words commonly used. Although perhaps overused, they seem to be the only phrase that accurately describes the hurdles faced by the business community. Work From Home In March last year we saw Prime Minister Boris Johnson address the country. He told […]

Coworking Could Change Your Life

Coworking spaces have boomed in cities since the first officially named coworking space opened in San Francisco in 2005,  and London now leads the way with more coworking spaces than any other city in the world. North East Scotland has not been left behind and the freelance community, in particular, has been embracing Coworking in […]

What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Office?

As anyone who has ever done it will be happy to tell you, starting and running a business is tough. The entrepreneurial streak which seems to run through the UK as a whole means that many people decide to take that challenge on, however, which is good news not just for those who make a […]

Choosing Commercial Property In Aberdeen

Just like virtually every other aspect of life, the commercial property market in Aberdeen has been hit by COVID 19 and the economic ramifications of that pandemic. The situation is moving so quickly – with positive news regarding vaccinations being counterbalanced by the Scottish government’s current reluctance to ease restrictions to a significant degree over […]

The Pros and Cons of a Serviced Office

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant economic lockdown has had a huge impact on virtually every type of business in the UK. One of the biggest changes has been the switch to home working which was initially imposed by central government and then embraced by companies as large as Facebook, who announced plans to keep […]

The Impact Of The AWPR On Business Centres In Aberdeen

The final section of the long awaited Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) was opened in February 2019 and immediately made a positive impact on the city’s traffic congestion issues. Traffic Reductions In Aberdeen City Centre Almost instantly the well-known black spot at the Bridge of Dee, which caused queues to tail back halfway to Stonehaven, […]

How To Set Up A Serviced Office

We’ve written before about knowing when it’s time to move your business into a dedicated office space, but that’s really only the start of the story. Deciding you need a serviced office and finding the right space is one thing, setting that office up in a way which will maximise the positive impact for your […]

How Much Does A Serviced Office Cost?

One of the most dramatic non-health related impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly been the huge rise in the number of people working from home, prompted by the UK-wide lockdown in March and then maintained by uncertainty about the safety of returning to the office ever since. Homeworking Losing Its Appeal After the initial […]