The Benefits of Furnished Office Space

While some team members may dream of a purpose-built office space with a ball pit, table football and a basement bar, their office manager is likely to have a much more down-to-earth wish list when searching for a new office space in Aberdeen. For small to medium-sized companies an office space which is already set […]

How Much Office Space Do You Need?

When you are looking for a new office, there are a few vital facts that you need to establish first. The first is the location where you want to work and the second is the size of space you need. Once you know those things, you can start your search. Location Location is pretty easy. […]

How To Set Up A Serviced Office

We’ve written before about knowing when it’s time to move your business into a dedicated office space, but that’s really only the start of the story. Deciding you need a serviced office and finding the right space is one thing, setting that office up in a way which will maximise the positive impact for your […]

Office Relocation Planning Guide For Aberdeen Businesses

Relocating your company HQ is a big undertaking and requires careful consideration and project management. However, with the right plan in place it can be an exciting and mostly positive experience. Why Move Office? The most likely reason for moving to a new office is the expansion of your business. With growth comes the need […]

Are Coworking Spaces The Future Of Office Space?

Offices have been the source of much speculation and debate in the last three years and, as yet, it is not clear if workers will ever completely return to a predominantly office-based way of working. Before the pandemic, if you can remember that far back, coworking was booming, with new spaces opening in cities around […]

Returning To The Office Could Save Money

The nights are drawing in, and there is a definite nip in the air. It’s the time of year when you start to put the heating back on and enjoy cosy nights in. Cost Of Living Crisis However, in 2022, putting the heating on is a source of worry for many households. Oil and gas […]

Office Space Trends In Aberdeen

This time last year we wrote that Aberdeen’s economy was on track to be the fastest growing in Scotland by the end of 2022. The picture is not quite as rosy in 2023, but some sectors are still enjoying a positive outlook amidst a mixed forecast overall. Scotland’s economy is expected to contract slightly over […]

What Is An All-Inclusive Office Space?

In the recent absence of holidays, mention all-inclusive and you would be excused for thinking all-you-can-eat-buffets and cocktails at 10am. However, think again. Here we are talking about all-inclusive office space in Aberdeen. Serviced Offices Are Not New Although there has been a huge buzz recently regarding serviced offices, the concept is not new. The […]

Serviced Offices Aberdeen – Your Questions Answered

Serviced offices are on the rise. Economic uncertainty and changes in the way we all work have triggered a 17% increase in demand over the last five years. Canny Aberdeen business people, looking for flexible ways to grow without committing to huge long-term costs, can move into a serviced office quickly and hit the ground […]

How Do Shared Office Spaces Work?

There is plenty of information out there about shared office spaces. It is difficult to take it all in and choose the route that suits your organisation and workers. Here, we are going to break it down for you: helping you decide which is the best way forward for your business needs. Coworking Spaces For […]